BlueSoft Real Estate Portal

BlueSoft Real Estate Portal

Create your own real estate portal website like Zillow™ or Trulia™

The all in one Real Estate Portal provides everything you need to start your own real estate portal! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • 15 minute installation
  • Import listings from an external source or database
  • Open registration and allow users to sell there own property.
  • Charge for advertising, upgrades, or access to monetize your new site.
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface for users and management.
  • See it in action on MyHouseInCT

    $149 USD*

    *Includes full source code and installation instructions
    Add Support and Assistance:

    Complete Real Estate Portal Web App Solution


    Configuration options and settings allow you to create the specific set up your business needs.

    Property Managers

    Manage all of your properties from one location and use data tools to analyze search and map your investments.

    Real Estate Agents

    Showcase your properties alongside helpful tools like nearby school information and local landmarks. Give your clients all the information they need to make the perfect decision.

    FSBO Portal

    Open registration to the public and allow anyone to sell property. Charge users and local agents to enhance visibility and help connect them with buyers.



    Database Engine

    Allows for millions of listings to be stored with years of historical sales data and remain fast.


    Allow your users to search through thousands of listings instantly by price, amenities, size, location and more


    Integrates with Google Maps™ to display detailed maps of properties and nearby landmarks like gas stations, schools, coffee shops, and more.


    Extend and integrate every aspect of the real estate portal system to work with every aspect of your business.

    Theme Switching

    A modern responsive theme comes standard but themes can be switched with one click. Using the SMARTY™ template engine to allow designers freedom to work.


    Allow for module additions to be created and swapped out.


    An extendable API allows for third parties to integrate with the real estate portal system.


    $149 USD*

    *Includes full source code and installation instructions
    Add Support and Assistance:

    * Support includes all future updates, email and phone technical support, installation & installation assistance, configuration assistance, usage training and assistance for developers and third-party integrations.
    Contact Us to find out how your business can benefit from having support.

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