WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin

    1. Installation
    2. Shortcodes
    3. Adding Products & Product Options
    4. Settings
    5. Customization & Styles


      1. Upload all files to your server under /wp-content/plugins/
      2. Navigate to the Plugins tab in your admin, activate the plugin BlueSoft Shopping Cart.
      3. Create pages to display the product grid, shopping cart, and review form.  Create pages or modify existing pages to add the tags to display products, the cart, and the feedback form. Example: “Store” page, “Cart” page, and “Feedback” page.  Then add the appropriate tag to each page.  You only need to add the shortcode, you may add other content to the page but the shortcode is all that is needed.
      4. Go to Settings->Store and enter your PayPal API credentials and admin contact email.  Be sure the test mode checkbox at the top is not checked before going live.


  • [ productgrid cols=4 ]
    Displays all products in a grid using the amount of columns specified in “cols”
  • [ productcart ]
    Displays the users shopping cart with options for quantities, a remove from cart button and checkout button.
  • [ reviewform ]
    Displays a feedback form users can use to rate products.  Feedback is displayed in the admin Reviews tab and will be pending until an administrator marks it published.

Adding A Product

  • Type
    Shipped, Download, or Subscription. Shipped products will charge shipping and handling and require the users shipping address.  Downloads will be delivered to the customer after payment, and users buying a subscription will be automatically upgraded.
  • Price
    The base price of the product before shipping and handling are added.  If the price is set to 0 and the product is a download the user will be able to download the file directly from the product page.
  • Attachment (Download only)
    The URL of the file you would like to be delivered to the user after purchase.
  • User Capability (Subscription only)
    The user capability to be added to the user after purchase.  The capability is added once and the user is charged the price only once, an option for recurring payments is coming soon.
  • Flat Shipping Fee (Shipped Only)
    The shipping price for 1 item to the USA
  • Additional Shipping Fee (Shipped only)
    The shipping charge for each additional item added to the order.

Found in the WP administration under settings->store

  • PayPal API Settings
    This will be your PayPal API credentials for info on how to find your PayPal API credentials check here
  • Reviews
    When enabled this will enable the user feedback form, only logged in users can see the feedback form.  Feedback is then pending in the admin Reviews tab until accepted by an administrator.
  • Require Login / Register at Checkout
    Determines if users can checkout as a guest. Or if login/registration will be required before proceeding to payment.

Customization & Styles

Style.css and the template files are located in